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Would You Reveal Your Facebook Password to Get a Job?

Just because it is company policy doesn’t mean that it is lawful policy. Companies need to respect that Social Media has become the new water cooler and that speech is still protected, for now….

Dawnmarie Souza posted the Facebook comments in 2009 from her home computer, hours after her supervisor said a customer had complained about her work. The expletive-filled posting referred to her supervisor using the company’s code for a psychiatric patient. Her remarks at the time drew supportive posts from colleagues.

The National Labor stepped in after the ambulance company:

…illegally firing an employee after she criticized her supervisor on her Facebook page…

American Medical Response of Connecticut Inc. agreed to change its blogging and Internet policy that barred workers from disparaging the company or its supervisors. The company also will revise another policy that prohibited employees from depicting the company in any way over the Internet without permission.

Feds settle case of woman fired over Facebook site


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